Drab to Fab – DIY Hutch Makeover

This is an old DIY project that I didn’t find the time to document earlier but is one of my favorites for sure. The husband had this OLD boring brown ugly traditional┬ádated hutch. I honestly didn’t care much for it and was all set to toss it. Instead, I decided to do a little experiment with the old piece. Never thought it would fit in a contemporary setting but well, take a look at the results. ­čÖé

Here is a picture of the top half of the hutch just before we got started on it –


(Yes I know the husband’s taste in furniture is definitely questionable!)

I decided to paint it an ivory white so it would add more dimension to the room and create that illusion of space as opposed to what it was currently doing – occupying all the space in our tiny dining space and looking quite hideous at the same time! Since it is a big piece, it did take time to take it apart, sand it properly so the surface was all even and then finally paint it. This was way before I had gotten comfortable using spray paints so we went the traditional route and spent about two weekends painting away. I bought brand new knobs from Cost Plus World Market and love how they look. I was initially looking for animal face shaped knobs for that whimsical touch but couldn’t find them anywhere. These ones work pretty well for now, especially the tiny patterned ones. Instead of using a traditional pull out knob for the drawers, I decided to use two small ones.


A fresh coat of paint and pretty new accessories did the trick! I love how it looks now and at some point I might remove the mirrors from the inside panel and experiment with some chevron patterned wallpaper for an interesting look. But that’s another project…

I recommend using Spray Paint as it is faster and far more convenient. Refer to my post Furniture Makeover DIY for details on what paints to use and tips for painting furniture.


photo 4



Furniture makeover DIY!

Finally getting down to writing my first post! I worked on a series of DIY projects in 2013. Perhaps it is time to document a few.

Why DIY? It gives new meaning to something old, it gives you the thrill of having created something on your own, gives your home a quick makeover and it teaches you so many new skills along the way!

We had this really drab looking set of chairs and a table on our patio. I couldn’t wait to replace it or rid myself of that view somehow.┬áHonestly, it was quite an eyesore!

Take a look for yourself…


Bland and boring right? It was like a blank slate with a LOT of potential. Hence began the project. ­čÖé But since this was one of my first makeover projects, I decided to keep it simple and not get over ambitious.

Not having much experience in painting furniture, I turned to a million and one blogs for help and advise. Most bloggers recommended using spray paint and so that’s what I ended up doing.

I decided to go with RUST-OLEUM Ultra Cover Spray Paint in Satin Lagoon. The color was bright and happy and I knew it would complement the trees in the background.

This is what the finished patio set looks like.


I am thrilled with the results and since then, the husband and I have spent many a happy mornings out on the patio! I might change the cushions eventually and opt for a bright print instead of the black. For now, this works perfectly for the two of us.

Here are a few tips if you are new to spray painting wooden surfaces:

1. Make sure you read the instructions on the can. They may vary from brand to brand.

2. Lay newspapers or old bed sheets on the floor or work surface to avoid over-spraying onto these surfaces. Use masking tape to tightly seal any areas not to be painted.

3. Definitely wear goggles and a breathing mask to avoid the paint from getting in your eyes or nose! (We learnt this after firing a couple of rounds!)

4. Lightly sand the surface to even out any rough edges. This also ensures a smooth, even finish. I used a 100-grit sandpaper on this particular project.

5. Make sure the surface is clean and doesn’t have any dust on it before you start spraying. Dust can keep the paint from sticking to the surface.

5. Shake the can vigorously each time you spray and hold it about 6 inches away from the surface. Spay paint dries pretty quickly so you can very easily do two coats in one day depending on the size of the furniture. I used about 4 cans of paint for the table and 2 chairs.

The entire project took all of one weekend to complete.


Happy transforming! ­čÖé